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For Developers

Build apps faster!

Complete your development in hours instead of months! Easily build, customize and extend your application with a mordern tech stack.


Consume the API from any client (Express.js, Nest.js, Django) or even IoT devices, using REST or SDKs.


Use our frontend library and helper functions to complete your customer journey with libraries (React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js).


We run containers in a fully managed runtime environment, we handle everything critical for production.


Easily customizable admin panel. Extend your application in the way you want.

Self-Hosted or Cloud

Extend the capabilities of superapp with our Cloud, our fully managed platform or deploy on-premises.

Open Source

We use and contribute actively opensource tools tools which helps us to build better products.

Ready to develop?

Jumpstart your next product development with one of our pre-built libraries.

Why you should use superapp?

As a product owner / founder, focus on building your core product while we support your development with easily customizable libraries and admin panels.


SDKs & libraries


Less Dev Costs & Time


Our Open Source Usage


Satisfied Customers


Get lifetime access

We are on our private beta. we respect our early adoptors by giving better price

100+ Components

100+ components and helper functions with source code to help you develop your project faster.

Production Ready

Effortlessly create your next production-ready experience with superapp libraries & components.

self-hosted or Cloud

Deploy your application on our fully managed platform, cloud or on-premises.


All in one bundle



What's included

All you need to build your next app

  • 100+ Components

  • Unlimited projects

  • Lifetime access

  • Customer support

  • Free updates

  • Community access

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